Suite Music Studios | About
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About Us

Suite Music Studios is a traveling music studio that offers a Musical Education to Adults & Children and Corporate Employees on Site. Music lessons, workshops and classes are presented through an experiential curriculum.

Music Lessons:

  • Reduce stress and lower blood pressure
  • Increase productivity because you learn how to use both sides of your brain in harmony
  • Musicians are able to visualize elements that fit together (puzzles/math)
  • Learn organizational skills through practice
  • Become more empathetic and compassionate through understanding diverse cultures
  • Learn the value of sustained effort (through independent & group practice) to achieve excellence which enhances teamwork & self-discipline
  • Focus on ‘doing’/experiential (no lectures!)
  • Performance-based art: teaches how to take risks and conquer fears
  • Multidimensional: flexible; cooperative; better communicators (musicians talk to each other about learning pieces in different ways and with various techniques; they must be willing to try others’ ideas if theirs don’t bring the desired results)