Suite Music Studios | 12 Benefits of Early Music Education
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12 Benefits of Early Music Education

Musical training develops areas of the brain involved in language and reasoning

There is a causal link between music and spatial intelligence: music students can visualize elements that ‘go together’ and the critical thinking necessary for everything from solving advanced mathematics to being able to pack a book-bag with everything needed for the following day

Students of ‘the arts’ learn to think creatively and solve problems by imagining various solutions

Studies show that students who study music are more successful on standardized tests such as the SAT and also achieve higher grades in school

Studying music provides children with an internal glimpse of other cultures and teaches empathy. This development of compassion and empathy provides a bridge across cultural chasms that leads to respect of others

Students of music learn ‘craftsmanship’ as they study how details are put together and what constitutes good work. These standards, when applied to a student’s own work, demand a new level of excellence and require students to stretch their inner resources.

Music study enhances teamwork skills and discipline; when students work toward a single goal, such as performing, they must commit to learning music, attending rehearsals and practicing

Music provides children with a means of self-expression; to make life more meaningful; to reach for a higher stage of development. Self-esteem is a by-product of self-expression

Music study develops skills necessary in the workplace; it focuses on ‘doing’ and developing multi-dimensional workers who understand how to be flexible yet organized communicators and cooperators

Music performance teaches how to ‘conquer’ fear and take risks

Music contributes to good mental health